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The What and the Why

So what is this thing all about?

Is this a technical blog where you should expect articles and tutorials about latest trends and technologies, or what?

Why did i start this thing? Why now? Why ever?!

the What

What is this thing? This is a blog, this is where i’ll try to post my thoughts that i see worth sharing, whether these thoughts are personal, stuff i learned, opinions, experiences, whatever i happen to feel like sharing!

I’ll try to write reviews to services i use, gadgets i own, technologies that attract me, and personal experiences from time to time.

the Why

Some blog to generate traffic and make money, some blog because they love writing, some blog because they are creators who create amazing stuff and write to share them with us.

I don’t think i belong to any of the above categories, i will write because i want to share my knowledge, share my experiences, may be some one out there will benefit from what i write, also, i will write to improve my skills, document my journey, and try to have better grasp of the language and writing skill.

A little tip, whenever you have a word that you don’t understand or not sure how to put it in a sentence, google “define X” where X is the word, google will give you definition and usage examples as well as synonyms and translations.

Consider this my first piece of info to share 🙂

Finally, consider visiting this blog from time to time, hopefully i’ll be committed to writing!

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I am a self-taught geek, I develop websites using PHP/Java/Python, and MySQL/ElasticSearch, over Apache/Nginx; My daily job includes working with Laravel, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, and enough system administration to manage servers lying around.

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